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Title: Mistakes Made in Happiness
Author: [personal profile] eumelia/[ profile] eumelia/[ profile] Eumelia
Pairing/Characters: Loki/Steve Rogers
Rating: R/Mature
Spoilers: n/a
Word Count 7630
Warnings: This fic deals with issues to do with self-loathing, so take that into account.
Disclaimer: This is a work of transformative fiction, created for fun and pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: This story was conceived (totes intentional) when [ profile] Verasteine and I were chatting and shooting shit about Loki and Steve having a baby.

I was bit by the bunny. And by a trope!fic no less. If you've known me a while, you'll know this isn't my usual fair, but I figured better out than in (yes, that is also intentional.)

I haven't written anything in the MCU since 2008; it sure has changed, whew.

Thank you [ profile] Verasteine for the hilarious and shouty notes in beta. And thank you [ profile] Morin for reading over this for me. I couldn't have done it without the two of you.
Summary: They also receive something called a diaper-genie, a name Loki finds discomfiting; it wouldn't do to invoke a fire-spirit from within a waste receptacle.
Do you remember, Steven, a few weeks ago, we were... experimenting? )
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Title: The World Is Turning to Noise
Author: [personal profile] eumelia/[ profile] eumelia/[ profile] Eumelia
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Danny
Rating: R/Mature
Spoilers: Episode 5.04 “Ka Noeʻau” (The Painter)
Word Count 1840
Warnings: Graphic description of decaying body
Disclaimer: This is a work of transformative fiction, created for fun and pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: The title comes from Peter Gabriel's superbly haunting song “Signal to Noise”. This work was graciously beta'd by [ profile] verasteine. Thank you, bb.
Summary: Steve puts a hand on his shoulder, squeezing before moving it up to cup Danny's jaw and face. “Don't look.”
Danny's breaths are loud, shallow, his shoulders shaking with each inhale. )

Tumblr crosspost
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Title: Uncharted Territories
Author: [personal profile] eumelia/[ profile] eumelia/[ profile] Eumelia
Pairing/Characters: Danny/Steve, Mary/Kono, Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett, Grace Williams, Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Joan McGarrett
Rating: R/Mature
Spoilers: n/a
Word Count 8298
Warnings: one scene contains near drowning.
Disclaimer: This is a work of transformative fiction, created for fun and pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: I couldn't have done this without the patience and harsh criticism of my beta and wonderful friend Janet/@_valleygirl07. I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you so so much.

This fic was greatly inspired by the movies “Wings of Desire”, “City of Angels” and the show “Touched by an Angel” that I was obsessed with as a kid. I don't even know why at this point.

The title was inspired by the lyrics of Alanis Morissette's “Uninvited”, which is featured in the “City of Angels” soundtrack. Many of the songs on that soundtrack were listened to throughout the process of writing this fic.

This work is part of LJ's [ profile] h50_reversebang, is accompanied by [ profile] ignemferam's gorgeous fanart.
Summary: Danny is an angel with choices to make.

Danny sits by the bed of a dying man. )
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Title: Make Me a Day (Make Me Whole Again)
Author: [personal profile] eumelia/[ profile] eumelia
Pairing/Characters: Mary McGarrett, Danny Williams, Grace Williams, Joan McGarrett
Rating: PG/General Audiences
Spoilers: up tp 4.09 Hauʻoli La HoʻomaikaʻI
Word Count 2316
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: This is a work of transformative fiction, created for fun and pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: So it appears I have a series? What can I say, Mary is inspiring.

A major thanks to Perspi for the beta over Thanksgiving. Couldn't do it without you, babe!

The title is from the lyrics of Tori Amos' Baker Baker.

I suggest you read the first part of this series first. The World Has Gone Crazy (I'm Glad I'm Not You) to be found on DW, LJ and AO3, as you prefer.

Summary: "Don't worry about it," he says, like it's completely reasonable that twice in two weeks she appeared out of nowhere on his doorstep.


Mary hates crying )
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Title: The World Has Gone Crazy (I'm Glad I'm Not You)
Author: [personal profile] eumelia/[ profile] eumelia
Pairing/Characters: Danny Williams, Mary McGarrett, Joan McGarrett
Rating: G/General Audiences
Spoilers: 4.07 Ua Nalohia
Word Count 2015
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: This is a work of transformative fiction, created for fun and pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: This coda is only just a little late. I'm a slow writer.
I love Danny and I love Mary and there should be more of them spending time together. The title is from Don McLean's Wonderful Baby. More lyrics from the same song can be found in the body of the fic itself.
My biggest thanks to Perspi and Iby who beta'd this with so much care. Thank you, babes.
Summary: Mary stands in front of the door for a long moment, holding Joan tightly in her arms, staring at the frame and the doorbell.

- - - -

Mary stands in front of the door for a long moment )
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Title: Pull My Chin (Touch My Hair)
Author: [personal profile] eumelia/[ profile] eumelia
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Danny
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Spoilers: None
Word Count 2316
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: This is a work of transformative fiction, created for fun and pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Title from Peter Gabriel's song “I Have the Touche”. I wrote this last year as a way to cheer up a friend. I decided to clean it up and, um, flesh it out and post it. This was lovingly proof read and beta'd by [ profile] verasteine, thank you, bb.
Summary: When Steve returns home, Danny can't wait to get his hands all over him.
Steve had been deployed. He'd been called and of course, of course he'd gone. Danny admires it, when he doesn't resent it )
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I'm such a flake. I swear, it's ridiculous. The time suckage of twitter and tumblr are atrophying my ability to actually brain and write in long form.

I think the fact that my job also demands brevity is affecting my ability and skill to actually sit down and concentrate on a proper post, I don't know, I just want to write here more and there's no one to kick my ass about actually doing it.

I have many thought and links that I just shoot off on twitter, I drool over images on tumblr and just can't seem to sit down and write down the meanderings of my brain like I used to. I mean, I look back at my DW and LJ and there are swaths of navel gazing diatribes about whatever and analysis of links that I'd find.

Now, I'm almost 30, have a steady job, doing the Millennial thing of being single and living at home because the economy fucking sucks and wants me to spend more money that I can afford on things like rent, utilities and food.

But I'll wave that away for now, because I went on a two week long vacation, chronicled on my phone, email and twitter, bought a new computer (that saga of me locking myself out of Elphaba was written as well).

I'm watching "Orphan Black" now, and also want to get into a few other shows. I'm hoping I'm inspired to write longer thoughts about them all, as well as fic.

I keep saying I want to get back into the groove of writing. Well, that's also something right.


Jun. 27th, 2013 10:30 pm
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I've decided to bite the bullet and join a bingo. The last time I joined a bingo I lost my mojo quite early on, but my life was rather shaky and rocky. Now though, it seems things have relaxed.

It helps that I saw another friend on my lists participate in this bingo so maybe I'll be able to be all, omg halp at her. (*shy wave at [personal profile] lilacsigil)

The bingo is [community profile] ladiesbingo and this is my card under the cut )

There are many many options (well, 25 really) and by far the one giving me the heebie jeebies is the crackfic. I'm not really into crackfic. But we'll see what I can whip out.

I want to write more. This is an attempt.
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I cleaned my room yesterday.

Those of you who have been with me for a few years know that this is generally a full day's project, a morning till night kind of deal.

It wasn't so bad this time. I only filled two garbage bags and discarded of a broken computer that was sitting there, masquerading as a dust collector.

My room suddenly has a fresh smell and feels airy. I put a lot of my knick knacks into storage, including my 30+ snow globe collection. I did that when I moved back in with my parents last year, but this time I also rearranged my current collection of stuff.

All this is very mundane, but it's also significant, because once again I neglected this place and I think I neglected you all, which isn't fair, ever.

Hopefully this clean really is a new leaf for me, because I've also been feeling creatively stunted for a while. I haven't written meta in months (for a variety of reasons) and I've been stymied when it comes to fic that I'd like other people to read and not self indulgent exercises.

My life has been pretty monotonous unfortunately, I haven't had time to return to roller derby and I'm basically working all the damn time.

I'm sorry I wasn't around for important things that happened to you guys. I have no excuse other than the fact that long form writing seems to be out of my reach lately.

Love you all.
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Work continues to kick my ass. I continue to do well and make mistakes. I can see that I'm not making many mistakes, but you know, no one praises you for a job well done when you manage a day in which you don't have to fix a hiccup.

I've signed up for the ABC H/C Hawaii Five-0 Challenge.

I got the creepiest prompt of them all; "Buried Alive", which I had planned to make hopeless and terrible, because my brain is a lovely place to stay for a holiday. Thankfully my beta-to-be talked me out of my original idea and now I have something creepier, really!

What I don't have is time or discipline. I need to sit on my ass and write, but it's a hardship and I'm annoyed, because I want to write more, but my lifestyle is such that I basically get home from work and vegetate.

Tumblr is very good for vegetation.

I still want to write all the meta and a spiel about identifying with a fictional character in the most profound way, but at this point it just feels like I'm reaching for the impossible.


Mar. 4th, 2013 09:25 pm
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I've been wanting to write this since this morning!

You guys, I was rec'd on [ profile] crack_van!

The lovely [ profile] kristen999 let me know this morning, I think I would have been completely oblivious if she hadn't.

I totally had a Sally Field moment of "You like me, you really like me!" thing going on, it was rather pathetic.

My story Rainbows Have Nothing to Hide was rec'd here.

Oh man, that was just the self esteem boost I needed!
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Getting back into the groove of writing long sentences and expanding thoughts is not easy. I think the fact that I hadn't been writing here as also prevented me from being able to write fiction and meta.

I had this whole long thing written for an episode and I just didn't manage to get everything I wanted down. I suspect that I might post my meta posts over the next few weeks. Or maybe just try and articulate my own feelings and getting back to expressing myself in a way that isn't about being as concise.

I also feel that I'm on reaction mode. I mean, something happens and I react. I react in a way that is sometimes off the cuff and may not always be the most constructive, but my voice is the only thing I have.

I want to be proactive again.

I'm trying.

Tumblr crosspost
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A few days ago I posted this:

Pick a character I've written and I will explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

I got some requests :) All of which are detailed under their respective cuts. If you want more, don't hesitate to ask!

Magneto )

Steve McGarrett )

Grace Williams )

Danny Williams )

Kono Kalakaua )

I had a very hard time picking out only five things for each character, as they each contain multitudes, and I have so much more to say about each of them.
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Via [personal profile] amadi.

Pick a character I've written and I will explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.
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Title: My Body Is a Cage

Author: [personal profile] eumelia

Pairing/Characters: Steve/Danny

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: This is set just before episode 2.09 and is a sequel to [ profile] verasteine’s fic The Only Easy Day.

Word Count 5,264

Warnings: Daddy kink and mentions of dubious consent.

Disclaimer: This is a work of transformative fiction, created for fun and pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Notes: This fic is a present to fandom as part of [community profile] fannish_advent. Happy Hanukkah, y’all!

Per usual I could not have done this without my beloved betas, [personal profile] perspi and [ profile] verasteine.

And extra special thank you to Vera who agreed to me writing a sequel for her fic, which you should read (it is linked above) and held my hand all along the rather long and exhausting process of writing and editing this fic.

Thank you, bb.

The title is from the song “My Body Is a Cage” by Arcade Fire, which is stupendously covered by Peter Gabriel, which is the version I listened to on loop as I wrote.

Summary: Steve is blind to the power of his own yielding.


Danny tries not to resent the fact that he’s crashing on someone’s couch )
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How is it Friday already? Time rushed by this week, but also not, it felt very very long and I don't really know why.

It was kind of a crummy week at work, I felt my boss' disappointment in me, but I hope I made up for it by working extra hard yesterday.

Still, I don't really want to care all that much about work, it's not the thing that gives me meaning in life, though I do spend the majority of my life in that office, and it helps when you do enjoy it.

Which I am. A lot. I also like the majority of my co-workers, but argh... it was a crummy week.

Unaided, maybe, by the fact that I really did my best to do as much editing as I could on the fic for [community profile] fannish_advent/[ profile] fannish_advent tomorrow and only finished it, like, minutes ago.

It's now with the beta again. My stories still need another once over before I feel confident to let the public see them.

It's really all about you, people.

As usual, on weeks where work consumes me as well as writing projects (of which I don't have that many much to the dismay of ideas banging at my brain) time seems to slip though fingers.

Add to that that tomorrow I've got a family Hanukkah gathering, because you know, it's a holiday and we love the holidays that includes scarfing on fried food, lighting fires (candles, but same-same) and getting chocolate money. I don't begrudge the fact that I've got my family around this week, but it's like I never have time to myself.

Except today where I spent all my time drinking coffee, eating chocolate and cheese, and flailing at my fic.

That was my day. And my week. Same all when you think about it.

I'm so glad it's been boring for me (don't ask me about local politics).

Tumblr crosspost
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If you follow international news about the Middle East, you will know that there has been an escalation of violence between Hamas and the IDF in the Gaza strip. You will also know, that there was an exchange of fire between Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan Heights for the first time since 1973.

Very likely, this is spillover from the civil war and not actually intended for us, but you know, we fired warning shots back.

All of the above made think of the song "Love Is All Around" by The Troggs:

Only with alternate lyrics, which you can read under the cut.

Come on everyone, sing it with me. Consider this my pre-Local-Elections fanfare and transformative art, the prosody is a bit meh with my changes, but you'll cut me some slack on that one, right?

War Is All Around )
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I thought I'd write a quick post while I travel to work.

I had weekend duty and as such had no time to actually do anything other than work. These weekends create a full 7 day work week, so I'm rather knackered. I didn't get to write like I had initially planned to and due to the nature of the fic I'm currently working on I need to be in a specific head space, for which I have need time to get into.

I'll see if I can can squeeze out some words when I get home. I really want to get this story out because I feel it could be the star of a whole cycle and seeing as it is set in season 2 of H50 the subject matter is that much more poignant due to what you we know and what the characters are yet to discover.

I love this kind of discrepancy in fic, it's something unique to it, the time in which the fic occurs informing us what the characters are capable of knowing as opposed to what we, the audience, the readers, know.

I also signed on as beta for a few projects which will be very interesting, because there's nothing like sifting through someone else's work to figure out your own weaknesses. And also read a fic before everyone else, mwahaha!

I look back a few months ago and felt creatively dead. I'm so glad summer is winding down.
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Title: Neither I Have Wings to Fly
Author: [personal profile] eumelia/[ profile] eumelia
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Danny
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Coda to episode 3.01 “La O Na Makuahine”
Word Count 1,645
Warnings: n/a
Disclaimer: This is a work of transformative fiction, created for fun and pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: A big thank you to [ profile] verasteine for the speediest beta ever and for the advice which I always cherish. Thank you, bb. The title is from the song “Water is Wide” as sung by Sarah McLachlan, Jewel and Indigo Girls.
Summary: When a truck drives by its lights shine through the window onto Danny and once again, Steve can’t help himself, he’s irresistible.


Danny drives )


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June 2015

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V and Justice

V: Ah, I was forgetting that we are not properly introduced. I do not have a name. You can call me V. Madam Justice...this is V. V... this is Madam Justice. hello, Madam Justice.

Justice: Good evening, V.

V: There. Now we know each other. Actually, I've been a fan of yours for quite some time. Oh, I know what you're thinking...

Justice: The poor boy has a crush on adolescent fatuation.

V: I beg your pardon, Madam. It isn't like that at all. I've long admired you...albeit only from a distance. I used to stare at you from the streets below when I was a child. I'd say to my father, "Who is that lady?" And he'd say "That's Madam Justice." And I'd say "Isn't she pretty."

V: Please don't think it was merely physical. I know you're not that sort of girl. No, I loved you as a person. As an ideal.

Justice: What? V! For shame! You have betrayed me for some harlot, some vain and pouting hussy with painted lips and a knowing smile!

V: I, Madam? I beg to differ! It was your infidelity that drove me to her arms!

V: Ah-ha! That surprised you, didn't it? You thought I didn't know about your little fling. But I do. I know everything! Frankly, I wasn't surprised when I found out. You always did have an eye for a man in uniform.

Justice: Uniform? Why I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. It was always you, V. You were the only one...

V: Liar! Slut! Whore! Deny that you let him have his way with you, him with his armbands and jackboots!

V: Well? Cat got your tongue? I though as much.

V: Very well. So you stand revealed at last. you are no longer my justice. You are his justice now. You have bedded another.

Justice: Sob! Choke! Wh-who is she, V? What is her name?

V: Her name is Anarchy. And she has taught me more as a mistress than you ever did! She has taught me that justice is meaningless without freedom. She is honest. She makes no promises and breaks none. Unlike you, Jezebel. I used to wonder why you could never look me in the eye. Now I know. So good bye, dear lady. I would be saddened by our parting even now, save that you are no longer the woman I once loved.


-"V for Vendetta"


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