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So it's been kinda-sorta confirmed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to be in the third Nolan-verse Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.

Let me tell you, my eyes bugged out at seeing it confirmed that he's going to be a villain. Alberto Falcone, that is the Holiday Killer, I'm pretty sure he hasn't appeared in any other run other than "The Long Haloween", which I didn't think was the best Batman run in comics, but my tastes are peculiar.

For those who aren't aware, Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman, in one version of her origins is Carmine Falcone's illegitimate daughter.
Oh, for god's sake, please don't make her a prostitute, for all that is holy, please! Not because a prostitute can't be a hero, but because I'd like to see a heroine that doesn't have a sexual trauma, and I doubt that be pulled off in a movie like this with that kind of narrative.

I'm really hoping Nolan does something with that, if not I'm sure the Fandom will.

Not to mention, there has to be interaction between Falcone and Bane in the film, if they're the villains, because now that Batman is actually considered a criminal vigilante (rather than a vigilante hero) he is going to need allies in the criminal world - enter Catwoman.

Oh, there are so many possibilities!

It will be, I can already see (without much surprise) that it will be a Bechdel Fail, and honestly it doesn't have to be, but Nolan is, by now, notorious for creating really awesome movies with less than awesome female characters (Oh, Ariadne, you could have been so much more!).

Regardless, the Fandom is going to wild, because JGL and Hardy together again, in a Nolan movie, it is automatic awesome inducing and even if there is minimal interaction between Falcone and Bane in the actual film (which I doubt, there is definite cahoots potential there and after the whole Dangerous Loner shtick that was the Joker, a little Baddy Buddy Violent Interaction is called for!) the fandom will totally make up for it.

I seriously cannot wait for this movie.
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I've been told by a few of my friends that I'm authentic.

Authenticity is such a mailable idea. What does it mean exactly? That I live up to the ideals I believe in (hardly) or that I live up to the idea that I have of myself.
Or the idea that others have of me.

I don't know.

But it's a hell of a compliment.

[ profile] aesiron had a meme: Comment to this post and I will give you five things I associate you with. Then either elaborate in a reply or in an entry in your journal.

Generally, I'd write a little spiel of my love of those things.
But everybody does that.
So I'm going a different route.
Batman )
Sinead O'Connor )
V For Vendetta )
Gender Politics )
Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Comment away!
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So much to write about, so little time!
Exam on Monday, which I just can't wait to get over with! On Tuesday there are the Elections, which I haven't decided if I'm going to be live-blogging or not.

On the fandom front (Gosh it's been a while since I written anything fun!) I'm now in possession of Torchwood Series 1 and 2.
My *squees* are un-ending. Yes I've seen all the episodes, but I like owning things, especially when they come free.
Which means I will have the chance at re-watching all the eps before watching series 3:

Who knows when it will come to Israel and who knows when there will be enough people sharing it for download.
Oh, Torchwood, you are my crack!
I think Doctor Who and Torchwood have definitely taken a place in my huge fangrrl heart right there next to Buffy, Sandman and Batman.
Seeing as Jack behaves like a hyped up Batman (sans the secret identity) and Ianto is like a sexy, sexy Welsh combination of Giles, Alfred and Wesley... but with a baby-face and homoeroticism... there is no bad there!

BTW, if it should happen that Ianto dies in this mini-series (this season is built as a five episode arc which will be shown consecutively over the week, in the US and UK - dunno about other places at this point)... I think I may end up being sadder than when Angel got sent to hell at the end of BtVS season two.

*gasp* What if Gwen dies?
*gasp* What is this is Jack's last Hurrah and they plan on cancelling the show after this?!
*gasp* Okay... must remain calm. The likelihood of any of the Mains dying in this mimi is remote.
That's what the series 4 finale will be for!

I now have the episodes for prosperity and I will have this mini-series as well.

Cannot wait for Torchwood: Children of the Earth!
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Take the Sci fi sounds quiz I received 71 credits on
The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz

How much of a Sci-Fi geek are you?
Quiz by SheGoddess: quick weight loss

Well, now that that's established maybe we can go on to Meta?

On today's agenda, you ask.

A wee bit more on The Dark Knight, as I'm eagerly awaiting my Iron Man DVD Ultimate Edition to arrive and will probably watch it over and over for in order to write a more cohesive mini-thesis about Tony Stark's Gender Fluidity in the movie.
And as soon as I have the Nolanverse Batman DVD's I'll be able to write a more comprehensive comparative analysis of Iron Man and Batman.
Hopefully deeper than this Player vs Player strip: under the cut )

My brother however, sent me two interesting articles about the nature of Batman and the Joker as they've been presented in the Nolanverse which, as most comic books readers know, is quite different from the sequential art mythology.
The two articles, written by two of the members of the Vulpes Libris collective, one of whom (the one who wrote the Joker article) admits to being a newcomer to graphic literature, a "noob" in their words. Both have some very interesting insights on the Hero and the Nemesis.

Having read those two reviews I feel compelled to comment, not on the articles themselves (which are worth reading, hence them being linked above), but on the implication of Batman and the Joker being, oppositional forces, forced to do this danse macabre(1) until one of them dies, which is the comic book myth is unlikely.

I think it's very simplistic and reductive to say that Batman is a Hero in the archetype sense of the word. The articles details various incarnations of "Batman" in myths and stories - including Hercules, Odysseus and Harry Potter.
While modern day Super Heroes have certainly replaces the heroes of old mythology in their function of (re)telling the Way of the World, I don't feel it's right to compare them in their characters.
While Bruce and Odysseus certainly have the an ingenuity that gives them an edge on their enemies, they are two quite different personality types.
Also Bruce Wayne and Harry Potter *snort* and I like Harry Potter!
And yes, I know, niggling.
Functionally and archtypically they share characteristics and when it comes to myth that is probably the most important bit.

But then, why is Batman so popular? Ridiculously so.
I mean The Dark Knight went on to be the highest grossing movie of the summer, I mean hype dies down after the first two weeks and there's usually an sink after the first ebb.
But this was just a cinematic phenomena!
I went on to see it five times, which is a hell of a lot for me (and earning crazy looks from my family, films are not cheap, especially if you want to go to a good cinema).
This is not just movie wise, Batman is still DC's best seller in monthly issues and in trades and if I'm not mistaken, it's also the best seller in mainstream comics over-all.

There's something compelling about a man, who pretends to be a monster, in order to avoid becoming one.
In Arkham Asylum: A serious house on a serious earth, Grant Morrison and Dave McKean take this idea and expand it in a horrific (effing fantastic!) way.
The Joker isn't so much a Nemesis, but a guide; The Cheshire Cat to Batman's Alice.
Regardless, Batman is pinned against his greatest fear, becoming The Monster.

This is similarly done in the film, mainly through the Joker's own sense of grandeur. He truly believes that his "games" will free humans of their measly societal constraints.
Too bad he's a psychopath.

Do you like that?
There shall be more.
Alas, my train of thought has been slightly severed.
Worry not loyal readers, I shall write more on this oh so interminable subject.

(1)a musical piece I always associated with the Joker, and is especially apropos for Nolan's Joker.
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...That I hate Frank Miller?

Especially for "Frank Miller's The Spirit".

Hey! Effing Frank Miller! It may be your movie which I'll go see only while threatened with bodily harm... but it's not your "Spirit".

It's Will Eisner's! Of the Fucking Eisner Awards! Of "The Plot", he who had more talent in his pinky finger than you could ever consider having.


Okay, rant over.

But seriously, there has to be a differentiation between the two. Future generations will see this movie go find the book and ask "Who is Will Eisner? I thought Frank Miller did the Spirit?".
That friends is very bad.
Very bad indeed.
A little artistic integrity is at times required.

Speaking of which... or the lack thereof, do click on this:

Via [ profile] aesiron and Newsarama.

The Dark Knight Returns is the only Miller thing I feel is worth reading, if only for the character revamp that enabled Batman to rise up again from the campy Adam West, who is entertaining, but oh so bad, and become the dark messed up post-trauma character again.
Everything else that man has touched is just so... so... bad.
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Here be Spoilers for The Dark Knight

Finally went to see The Dark Knight for the second time yesterday. (Going again this evening, *squeee*)

A second viewing certainly enables you to see the funny of the movie, of which there were lots, actually. The Joker was so unexpected in this incarnation that I had time, the first time around, to actually enjoy the film - seeing as I was constantly cringing, turning away, feeling slightly nauseous and otherwise speechless and shaken from the tension of the film.

Unlike the first time I saw the movie and was utterly blown away from the philosophical/moral/ethical overtones and utter coolness in the movie, I am able to see where I'd really like Christopher Nolan to improve.

Mainly, to have a female main character (or two or three), that with any luck, won't bloody well die.

With the untimely (and weep worthy - yes I cried, shaddup) demise of Ms. Dawes. There is now ample opportunity to bring in three of the bestest women the DC universe has ever thought of.
Selina Kyle (a.k.a Catwoman), Talia Head (a.k.a Talia Al-Goul) and Dr. Harleen Quinzelle (a.k.a Harley Quinn a.k.a The Harlequin).

Cut for length, no need to eat up your f-lists with my Fannish Ruminations )

If in the end Selina is to be in the third Nolan Batman and her origin is that of a prostitute like Effing Frank Miller wrote I will be severely, utterly disappointed.
Also, if I catch a whiff if Miller anywhere near the Batman movies they can forget my money. I'd rather wait for it to be on television than know that a percentage of my money is lining that sexist, racist, over-rated so-called "writer".

Here are the opinions of other comic books writers of what they'd like to see in the third Nolan Batman movie. All the writers are men by the way, just FYI, of course.
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Neil Gaiman to write Batman and DC's Dan DiDio is talking about it.

My brain has imploded.

There isn't anything else that I can say that can be remotely coherent to the awesomeness of Neil Gaiman back in comics and he's going to write freakin' Batman.

It really, really doesn't get any better than this.
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Just watch the video:

Because it is ensuing hilarity.
Especially because just at the end there Iron Man kind of went Joker on Batsy, but whatever :)

Let me tell you, nothing will stop me from going to see The Dark Knight, which is opening this coming Thursday on the 24th... yeah, try and stop me.
Nothing will.
*squeeee* Yes, I've totally bought the hype.
I dun care! Nyah!

Oh and this is the fourth video of my two favourite "Men"


Jul. 5th, 2008 12:48 pm
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My oh so talented friend [ profile] daemonfall made not one, not two, but eleven Ironbat icons!!! And he has allowed me to share with you all!

Nine More! )

Don't forget to credit [ profile] daemonfall!
And no hot linking!
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Thank you [ profile] aesiron for knowing what I like and sharing it with me.
Despite the fact that you hate Bruce *gives you the bat-glare*

Somebody make me an icon out of the "Iron Bat" logo and the words... pretty please?!?!
My monster fangrrl will be eternally grateful and credit thee forever!
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Yeah I slept for four hours.
What of it?

As stated before, at least I finished that bloody paper and won't have to pull a White Night (an all nighter) again.
I'm not optimistic enough to think that this will be my last White Night... though it is my last in this particular course, which I will hopefully pass without too much humiliation.

With an exam in the same course in which I wrote the aforementioned paper on Wednesday and actual formal exam season starting in two weeks, my stress is up, though not as much as you'd think.
Staying up all night and going to sleep at dawn tends to mellow you out.

In any event, have a GIF )
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I burst into a laughter that would have made Mistah J proud.

Go on.
Click play.
You know you want to.


More of the Men )
See... wasn't it worth it.

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In relation to this post

I was thinking the other day about fanfiction, I'm generally both a het and slash reader (I find gen bores me due to lack of *ahem* action, but well written and with a little more "regular" action will catch my attention). The subject matter under the cut may convoluted and make little sense )

Hope this wasn't too boring.

In addition, the genocide in Darfur must be stopped.

וכמו כן, צריך לעצור את רצח העם בדרפור.
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Batman at his best.

this is probably one of the best things I've ever seen on [ profile] scans_daily.

I laughed out loud.
Yes, I actually lol'd!
For along time.

Then again, it's most likely because I can really relate to Batman in this one.

Please, go read it and have a great day!

In addition, the genocide in Darfur must be stopped.

וכמו כן, צריך לעצור את רצח העם בדרפור.
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As the title suggests, I'm going to discuss, the big two, the most recognized (though not the most popular, Marvel has those) comic book characters in the world.

I'm focusing specifically very specific graphic novels I have at home that feature Superman and Batman together, the Batman:Hush arc, the first three TP's of Superman/Batman - #1 Public Enemies, #2 Supergirl and #3 Absolute Power – Written by Jeph Loeb and The Dark Knight Returns, which was written by Frank Miller.

Frank Miller (May his homophobic, misogynistic, films, adapted from his equally homophobic, misogynistic books be laid to waste) wrote a genre changing book in the late 80's known as "The Dark Knight Returns"; it is a futuristic look at the fate of the DC universe, where Batman and Superman no longer agree to disagree (as they usually do in present times) now they really want to kill each other!
Despite my, shall we say, dislike of Frank Miller's work; "The Dark Knight Returns" is really good, it's beautifully written and the art is very (for it's time and IMO, at least) very cutting edge, that and it's unfortunate sequel - "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" - are the only Frank Miller books that will ever be on my bookshelf.

In an interview with Frank Miller I once saw, Frank Miller discussed the relationship between Superman and Batman, the way he wrote and presented it in “The Dark Knight Returns”, because of the inherent differences between the two of them could never allow their friendship to be sustained.
This makes sense on a certain level, Superman and Batman are inherently different in their approach and methodology and of course their psyche.
One could argue that Superman is the well adjusted (to a certain degree), sweet, All American tm, Hero; After all his goal (used to be at least) to defend "Truth, Justice and the American Way". He's the straight-laced, G-Man.
Batman, on the other hand, is a certified psychopath, who on occasion would seem to be no better than the certified psychopaths he fights*.
I've always found it fascinating how Superman, the arguably most non-human superhero in existence (I know the J'onn J'onzz, Scott Free and Big Barda and many other are aliens as well, but let's keep this focused on these two guys shall we) is the most Human in behaviour; I mean the only thing that ever came close to killing (and in fact did) is Doomsday. Kryptonite aside, not much can harm Superman. While Batman, the only human, not meta, superhero, wears such thick armor and a lone wolf persona** it's easy to forget sometimes that he is most vulnerable of them all. He has no "weakness"... he himself is his own weakness and he knows it... he bears many scars***.
Batman is human, the only truly human “Superhero”

Bottom line, while I agree with Mr. Miller that when it comes down to it, Superman is a Policeman, Batman is a Vigilante. They have more in common than not, because they both strive for justice for all and they complete each other in their different attitudes.

I bet you're thinking, she's going in for the feminist angle. And that's right, there is a feminist angle here, but not to do with the fact that “I'm outraged about the fact that here are two old school macho-men whose relationship with women have been iffy at best.”
I'm not outraged and they are Macho-men.
There is plenty evidence in the graphic novels I mention that Batman is an elitist chauvinist and of course Superman is superior to everyone so it's clear that he can he viewed as the Grand Patriarch.
No where is this clearer than in the third Superman/Batman TP “Absolute Power" where they are both rulers of an alternate DCU.
It's all very disturbing, since not only are they rulers they are also the enforcers of their own brand of "Justice for all".
It was nice to see the old Anarchist Oliver Quinn in his Green Arrow outfit shout-out in dissent and revolution to his old allies. And who they subsequently murder early on.

And what's very feminist about that particularly patriarchal TP?
First, the love and affection between Superman and Batman crystal clear here, it more often than not extremely rare to see unabashed affection between these two Macho Best Friends, where the closest they ever come to a hug is when one or the other is injured and they have to carry each other (most often Superman carries Batman).

Second, the leader of the rebellion against Superman and Batman's “Absolute Power” is none other that Wonder Woman (though she isn't officially called that in the TP) and she cries out in battle "For Truth! For Justice! For All of Humanity".
Not just America.
Or Mankind.

And third, in one of the best art sequences ever, we see Diana in black and gold, under a red sky stab Batman while shouting "Die Oppressor!" and thereafter Superman destroys a green eagle made by the Green Lantern's Power Ring and kills the current Green Lantern who goes by the name of Samuel (and it's very obvious, almost idiotically transparent, that Samuel is supposed to represent Uncle Sam - the classic symbol for American Militarism "Uncle Sam Wants You!" and the hardened old man points at us from the poster).
Superman cries out to the heavens while holding a dead/dying Batman, he screams "No! Bruce!" and Samuel lies dying on Liberty Island. Interestingly, the Green Lanterns are the galactic policeman.

So not only do we witness the clear love between these two men (what kind of love is debatable, but the Slash can't be ignored) which does not coincide with modern western heterosexual behaviour, but we also see the beginning of the end of their reign as dictators of this AU. With the death of Uncle Sam and the stabbing of Batman by Wonder Woman (I know very phallic) we have a metaphor to the evil of modern imperialism, which I see personified in US military aggression and globalization.

More on this subject in later posts.

Gosh this is fun! I wonder why I took such a long break from this.

* I suddenly realized the correlation between Superman and Batman to Riley Finn and Angel from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" more on that subject at another time.

** In "Public Enemies, Part Five: State of Siege"; Lex Luthor comments, as he is surrounded by the Bat Clan, consisting of Nightwing, Robin, Huntress and Batgirl, "I've always been curious as to why Batman -- who has such a reputation for being a lone wolf -- Would surround himself with children." Emphasis Theirs.

*** In "Hush, Chapter Nine: The Assassins", there is an Interlude in the Batcave, where Alfred is tending to Bruce's wounds, this after Batman reveals his secret identity as Brose Wayne to Catwoman. Incidentally, throughout this interlude, they keep their masks on, despite the fact that Batman is shirtless and Selina is shocked at the extent of the scarring on Bruce's back;
Catwoman: Oh, God.
Batman: Something Wrong?
Catwoman: I just... Didn't expect... The scars.
Batman: Each of them carries a memory.
Catwoman: Most people opt for a photo album
Batman: *thought* I am not... most people */thought* (no, shit)
Emphasis theirs, parenthesis mine.


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June 2015

 12345 6

V and Justice

V: Ah, I was forgetting that we are not properly introduced. I do not have a name. You can call me V. Madam Justice...this is V. V... this is Madam Justice. hello, Madam Justice.

Justice: Good evening, V.

V: There. Now we know each other. Actually, I've been a fan of yours for quite some time. Oh, I know what you're thinking...

Justice: The poor boy has a crush on adolescent fatuation.

V: I beg your pardon, Madam. It isn't like that at all. I've long admired you...albeit only from a distance. I used to stare at you from the streets below when I was a child. I'd say to my father, "Who is that lady?" And he'd say "That's Madam Justice." And I'd say "Isn't she pretty."

V: Please don't think it was merely physical. I know you're not that sort of girl. No, I loved you as a person. As an ideal.

Justice: What? V! For shame! You have betrayed me for some harlot, some vain and pouting hussy with painted lips and a knowing smile!

V: I, Madam? I beg to differ! It was your infidelity that drove me to her arms!

V: Ah-ha! That surprised you, didn't it? You thought I didn't know about your little fling. But I do. I know everything! Frankly, I wasn't surprised when I found out. You always did have an eye for a man in uniform.

Justice: Uniform? Why I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. It was always you, V. You were the only one...

V: Liar! Slut! Whore! Deny that you let him have his way with you, him with his armbands and jackboots!

V: Well? Cat got your tongue? I though as much.

V: Very well. So you stand revealed at last. you are no longer my justice. You are his justice now. You have bedded another.

Justice: Sob! Choke! Wh-who is she, V? What is her name?

V: Her name is Anarchy. And she has taught me more as a mistress than you ever did! She has taught me that justice is meaningless without freedom. She is honest. She makes no promises and breaks none. Unlike you, Jezebel. I used to wonder why you could never look me in the eye. Now I know. So good bye, dear lady. I would be saddened by our parting even now, save that you are no longer the woman I once loved.


-"V for Vendetta"


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