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2013-06-22 12:14 am

Say Hello to Elphaba!

Hello lovies!

It has been too long. I've come and gone on my holiday, which I will write up at some point and add pics, I promise. I really did try to blog, but writing in long form on Officer Kalakaua was not easy.

I came back a week ago and throughout that week I felt very keenly the lack of personal computer - been on my phone (Wombat), tablet (Officer Kalakaua) and my mother's guest account on her desktop and truthfully... it was not fun.

But now I'm typing on my brand spanking new Samsung Series 5 with 1TB of hard disk memory and 8GB of RAM! SQUEEEE! She is so pretty and her name is Elphaba (after the witch of the west from "Wicked") and I'm adoring her.

Been downloading all the things to get her up and running as I want, still need to transfer files from my external hard disk which I used in order to backup Ursula when her network card went kaput and her screen card began to die.

Windows 8 is very confusing though. The no "Start" button, dafuq Microsoft, who thought this was a good idea. It's like how the other day I was on my twitter client and was suddenly told I'd reached my "daily limit of 50 tweets a day" to which I snorted and was greatly annoyed. I then tweeted at the client's official twitter and helpdesk accounts for many hours with major complaints.

They ended up rolling back the feature because I tell you, as a daily twitter user (and I use twitter for conversation) the amount of tweets that I write way over 50 per day.

Like my twitter client, Microsoft is all about rolling back "features". Good job with the Xbox-One (er... 180 now?)

But Elphaba is lovely, sleek, and waiting for her Windows 8.1 update. Only a few more days to the return of the "Start" button!

Soon I shall also get Office and I'l have my beloved Word back!
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2013-05-18 07:52 pm


I'm sick. Please forgive any mishaps and incoherence.

I turned 28 this week, hurray for me!

I'm currently using my mother's guest account on her desktop because my laptop finally bit the dust. The screen had been kind of wonky the past few months, but now her network card is dead and it's like she's in a coma.

Right, yes, her. Ursula the laptop served me very well these past four or so years.

Ugh, I'm finding it hard to concentrate, forgive me. Sore throat.

I have much to tell, really I do, but the words are stuck. Been blocked for a while now.

Maybe later this week. I hope.

Blah, fever.
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2012-07-28 08:20 pm

Officer Kalakaua Says Hello!

Well, not really, as I'm writing this on my trusty laptop Usuale *snuggles it, so that she may not forget that I love her!*, however, I have been transferring files onto OK and I'm glad to say that I have the Pilot and second episode (1.02 "'Ohana") episodes of Hawaii Five-0 sitting comfortably on it!

Once I had decided that I wanted a Tablet (and my parents were generous enough to buy one for me for my birthday, so it took a while, who cares ;) I knew I wanted a little one. One the size of a Kindle, and indeed, my little Tablet is a 7" Samsung Galaxy.

It's also wrapped in a custom made cover, which a close mate of mine bought for my birthday in anticipation to OK's coming to my possession.

All of which you can see Here! )

I know it seems a little, I dunno, gauche, to get all excited about a little piece of electronics, but OK is really going to make my life all that much more pleasant. My commute every morning and evening can be up to an hour and I take public transport on which I no longer sleep on for obvious reasons (sexual harassment/assault trigger warnings for the links). In addition I cannot read on the bus, because I get carsick, but having a few episodes of my favourite television show or any other television show of which I can watch an episode or more on my way to work.

So to have Officer Kalakaua in my hands is a great comfort.
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2008-12-19 06:35 pm

My New Shiny

Oh joy to the world!

I got myself a Hannukah miracle!

As you may know, not too long ago Frida died and I found myself laptop-less.

Well, no more!

Friends, Readers, Lurkers and Voyeurs!

I present you with...

Ursula, the laptop!

I hope she lasts a wee bit longer than Ms. Frida did.

I've just finished all the installations and such and am looking forward to actually working on it!
As Mr. Izzard would say:
"Oh, bravo"