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[Hawaii Five-0] Episode 4.04 " A ia la aku" Review

I think this is the first episode of the season that made me truly happy.

If fact I was so happy I actually posted a short incoherent tumblr entry that included this image:

Yes, that's how fucking ridiculous I felt about this episode, or more specifically, about Danny in this episode.

Because he fucking rocked.

It's no secret that I found previous eps pretty, um, disappointing. Especially when it comes to Danny and his odious narration regarding Steve and Cath's relationship. Seriously Danny, STFU about Cath and Billy and Steve "letting" Cath move on in her career. I see what the writers are doing and it's fucking irritating and I dislike OOC everywhere I see it.

This episode was a breath of fresh air, in so many ways.

I have half a mind to just copy and paste my insane tweets, but I'll refrain and just give you a laundry list of the things Danny said and did that made me so happy.

First of all, the movie theatre double date where Danny explains narrative to Steve, and is all smushed up to him stealing his popcorn. It was a glorious friendship moment - despite the fact that Steve and Danny behaved like assholes in the cinema - as someone looking in on an intimate moment it was really beautiful, the way they were so comfortable with each other and their physical proximity.

Second of all, the fact that I got so much head canon confirmation regarding Danny. He makes pancakes for Grace, he has spa nights with Grace, has strong opinions about hating marriage and kissed Gabby on the hand.

All of the above... I may have had a mini breakdown about each of those things. I have written Danny making pancakes for Grace, I have written (but not published) Grace doing Danny's nails, I have written Danny's opinion about marriage (how a relationship can never be forever and people change) and the fact that he kisses hands and knuckles...

Let me lie here and hold my teddy bear named Danny.

A special bonus to Danny channelling Raymond Chandler and Chin making fun of him for it and it was like a lovely cherry on a very rich chocolate cake.

This episode, for these things alone, actually rocked.

I'm basking in Danny's gloriousness here, but let me mention the fact that Cath being snazzy and in Steve's face about the favours he's asked for over the years? Perfection! Absolute perfection! Kick his ass, Cath, seriously, he's an idiot.

Let me also mention that I'm waiting for something to happen with Kono. I'm waiting. Not very patiently. But I'm waiting.

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