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I am thinking of Passover...

I am thinking of Passover. What it means to be passed over. I don’t want to go biblical or theological, because that isn’t what matters to me. That isn’t what I want to talk about.

I will not be talking politics at the Seder tonight, I will be passing over the opportunity to make this Holiday about the present and the future, and our collusion with the persecution of the Strangers among us, as opposed to trudging our history of persecution and being Strangers in strange lands.

I will not be talking social justice at the Seder tonight. America loves its oranges and olives on the Seder plate, but I am the orange on the Seder plate, my life is passed over for I am single and have a cat for company; we are surrounded by olive groves, pulled out and burnt by those who are supposed to be members of my tribe, but who are so far removed from me and my sense of humanity I can barely consider them members of my species.

I will not be inserting any speech or letter at the Seder tonight, it will be straight forward and on until morning, I will eat the bitter herbs and sip the salty water and drink the sweet wine, keeping my mouth occupied, occupied against talking about the fact that we are not free.

I am not at liberty to speak.

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I weep for those around you, then, that they cannot see our understand the stories that they are telling, about the treatment of aliens, about how the Good that brought them out of their own slavery demands they be hospitable to those around them, and about the things that happen to the people when they do not remember those commands.
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*sits with this and in solidarity with you*